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Ganes Focused Value Fund
Ganes Capital Management Ltd
Ganes was founded in 2002 by Clive Gaunt and Wayne Jones, based on a shared interest in the long run investment potential of high quality listed businesses purchased at an attractive price. 
Clive Gaunt PhD MFM BBus
Clive has co-managed the Ganes Focused Value Fund since inception in 2002 along with several other portfolios managed by Ganes.
Clive has a passion for using data and evidence to inform investment decision making and brings this passion to managing the portfolios managed by Ganes. However, the qualitative assessment of businesses, their management and future prospects are an equally important part of the investment process at Ganes.
Since 2001 Clive has held a position as Senior Lecturer in Finance at the University of Queensland Business School in Brisbane, where he teaches and conducts research in Finance with a focus on asset pricing and stock market anomalies. His recent publications include:
Gaunt, C (2015) The Illusory Australian Small Firm Premium, JASSA The Finsia Journal of Applied Finance, 2: 19-25. 
Schneider, P. and Gaunt, C. (2012) Price and earnings momentum in Australian stock returns. Accounting and Finance, 52 2: 495-517.
Brailsford, T., Gaunt, C. and O'Brien, M.A. (2012) Size and book-to-market factors in Australia. Australian Journal of Management, 37 2: 261-281.
Brailsford, T., Gaunt, C. and O'Brien, M. (2012) The investment value of the value premium. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 20 3: 416-437.
Wayne Jones 
Wayne is the co-founder and joint Investment Officer for the Ganes Focused Value Fund and the Ganes Value Growth Fund.  
Wayne brings to investing  his experience as a business owner and CPA to identify good quality businesses that provide long-term attractive returns.  
Wayne has held senior finance roles in the private healthcare sector for many years and was a freelance analyst for The Intelligent Investor between 2001 and 2005 covering the small company sector.
Wayne is a CPA and has a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Bachelor of Business.